To submit an article for publication email [email protected] with the subject line "Sagacity Submission". The author, or at least one co-author, of each submission must have some official background in philosophy research. By this we mean that the author, or at least one co-author, must be either a postgraduate student or early career researcher in philosophy, or have recently completed a bachelor's/undergraduate degree in philosophy. If you are not sure whether or not you meet this criterion, please email the editors.

All submissions must be in English. Initial submissions should be no more than 1200 words in length. A 12pt serif font should be used.

Your submission should be prepared for anonymous review. Neither the name(s) of the author(s) nor any institutional affiliation may be shown in the paper itself.

Should your article be accepted by the Sagacity team, we will work with you to make any final edits. Both the editors and author(s) will approve the final copy before publishing the article. The editors and author(s) reserve the right to revert the decision to publish the article at any time prior to publication.

What to Expect Following Submission:

When will we be in touch?

  • We aim to be in touch with prospective authors quickly—you should hear from someone on the Sagacity team within two months.

What will the outcome be?

  • We aim to work with most authors to get their submitted article to a publishable standard. There are three possible outcomes a prospective author may receive:
  1. The work may be accepted with minor revisions. This will require the author to look over minor revisions from the editors and either accept the suggestions or provide an explanation as to why the author wishes to reject the suggestion(s).
  2. The work may be accepted, conditional on substantial revision and resubmission. This will require the author to make substantial alterations to the piece (as related either to the content or to the style/grammar of the piece), before resubmitting the article.
  3. The work may be rejected. A rejection does not influence the author’s eligibility to submit another article to Sagacity.

What happens after editing?

  • Once all revisions have been made, you will hear from us about signing up as a contributor to Sagacity’s website. This allows us to list you as the author of the piece. It also allows you to add your photograph and any information (the university you attend, your social media etc.) that you think is relevant. Adding this additional information is not required, and can be removed or altered at any time.
  • A stock image will also be chosen by the Sagacity team to accompany your article - once you are added as author on our website, we will require you to approve the chosen image, or let us know if you would like it to be changed.
  • We will then post your article on our website soon (usually within a month of the last edits being made). We will also email our subscribers, and post information about your article on our social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

My article has been published and posted. What now?

  • Sit back and relax—you’ve done a great job and the team at Sagacity Magazine thank you for working with us!